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24 Jan 2023

Panel on “Business Life and Spirituality”

Panel on “Business Life and Spirituality”The panel is organized by Üsküdar University Institute for Sufi Studies and will be held on Sunday, January 15th, 2023 between 11.00-14.00.The panel is going to take place at Üsküdar University Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall and will also be followed live on Üsküdar University Youtube Channel and Üsküdar University TV.The panel is open to the public and free of charge and does not require registration.We would be happy to welcome you to the program.“Business Life and Spirituality”Date: 15.01.2023Time: 11.00-14.00Place: Nermin Tarhan Conference HallLink for the live stream: for the Youtube Channel: SessionModerator: Dr. H. Dilek Güldütuna“Views on Moral and Ethics”Dr. H. Dilek Güldütuna“Business Ethics: Basic Concepts”Dr. Y. Fahir Zülfikar“Values at the Foundations Japanese Production Systems”Oğuzhan Gürsoy“Future of Business World and Approaching Rising Competencies with Sufi Concepts”E. Ebru Arslan Q&ABreakII. SessionModerator: Dr. Fahir Zülfikar“Important Concepts about the Depiction of Next Generation Leader”Yeliz Merdan“Servant Leadership in Business Life”Ülkü Bozkurt“Future of Organizations and Leadership from the Perspective of Systemic and Human  Dynamics”Pınar Ersoy ÖzdoğruQ&A

24 Jan 2023

Conference on “Süleyman Çelebi and Mevlid” and Concert

Conference on “Süleyman Çelebi and Mevlid” and ConcertIn co-operation with Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Üsküdar University, Kerim Foundation and Türkkad, a conference on “Süleyman Çelebi and Mevlid” will be held on December 28, 2022. Afterwards, Burdur Cumhur Women’s Mevlid concert by the Nisa Turkish Music Ensemble, directed by Nebahat Koru will perform a concert.The program is open to the public.The program will be broadcast on Üsküdar University television and Youtube channel.Link for the live stream: IntroductionOpening Speeches:Professor Elif Erhan / Director of Institute for Sufi StudiesProfessor Nevzat Tarhan / President of Üsküdar University11.00  Panel“Süleyman Çelebi and Mevlid”Professor Emine YENITERZI – Üsküdar Üniversity Institute for Sufi StudiesHadith Foundations of Vesiletü’n-necatProfessor Dursun Ali TOKEL – Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesThe Role of Mevlid-i Şerif as a Self-Constructor in the Mirror of ExistenceProfessor Barış ERDOGAN – Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesThe Sociology of Mevlid: The Functions of Mevlid in Social Life in Modern TimesMustafa TRAMPA – Mufti of XanthiThe Mevlid Tradition in Western Thrace12.30 Break13.00 Concert

20 Jan 2023

IV. The International Summer School of Sufi Studies Panel

IV. The International Summer School of Sufi Studies Panel will be on July 23, 2022 at 12.30. Open Public Panel is organized at Üsküdar University Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall. Panel will also be broadcasted from youtube and Üskudar University TV Channel. 


The Institute for Sufi Studies was established in July 2014 with the aim of creating a scientific environment where art is appreciated and the sense of beauty is hightened in order to serve humanity to reach peace and happiness, based on interdisciplinary studies in which the comprehensive and in-depth view of Sufism is used. As a specialized Institute in Sufism, the designed programs aim to raise individuals who place great effort to increase their knowledge about the science of Sufism, themselves, and the world at large. Individuals who internalize humanist and ethical values, appreciative of art, creative thinkers and studious researchers, understanding the value of time, and empathetic. According to Sufism, the purpose of science is not only to gain knowledge of these values, but also to put them to use for the happiness and progress of humanity.

The Sufi Culture and Literature Graduate Programs

The content of Sufi Culture and Literature graduate programs has been designed to integrate the subjects of Sufi thought, Sufi history and Sufi literature with the basic Islamic sciences, along with various disciplines of social sciences, especially the subjects of Islamic thought and civilization history. The program also aims to contribute to the production of interdisciplinary cultural studies based on the perspective of "Islamic civilization, Sufi thought and culture", which is originated in our own cultural geography. Taking a closer look allows us to see that almost every study related to civilization and culture in this geography is somehow related to the field of Sufism. Thus Sufism can offer new opportunities for Turkey in the fields of Area Studies and Religious Studies. Studies on Sufism can also bring new perspectives to those who are interested in sociology and human psychology today.

Sufi Culture and Literature Master's Programs

The Institute for Sufi Studies started its master's program titled "Sufi Culture and Literature" in February 2016 and admitted its first students in the Spring semester of the 2015-2016 academic year. The program provides students from all branches with the opportunity to do postgraduate degrees on Sufism and related subjects. The program is organized as thesis and non-thesis master's programs.

Islamic Civilization, Thought, History and Literature Doctorate Program

The education provided by the Institute within the scope of Sufi Culture and Literature Master's Programs has been enriched with the opening of the Islamic Civilization, Thought, History and Literature Doctorate Program, which from a scientific perspective will offer deeper and wider opportunities. In our country, there are hardly any independent interdisciplinary doctoral programs in basic fields such as literature, history, religious sciences, anthropology and psychology. This program aims to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary studies and the search for new methods in the field of Humanities. The program accepted its first students in the 2019-2020 Fall Semester.

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