Spiritual Progress and Life Wisdom of Rumi - About



The program has been organized as four semesters with interconnecting topics. The second semester that will begin in the Fall semester of 2016-2017 will last for 12 weeks; classes will be held between the dates of October 20, 2016 - January 12, 2017 every Thursday from 15.00 to 17.00.

Only those who have completed the first semester can register for the program. The fee of the program is 1000 TL (including tax). 

Objective of the Program and Targeted Gains

The objective of the program is to introduce and clarify the basic concepts of religion, life, humanity, events, the universe, humans’ existence in the world, humans’ capacity and capabilities, their pains and sorrows, the diseases of their hearts, the pain of lovelessness and separation, the potential for love, the drought of being unable to love, and cosmic love of those who follow God, based on the example of Rumi in particular. Through classes on the Masnawi, the person being able to develop fundamental heuristic methods for their own internal archeology processes as well as life wisdom will be emphasized.

The classes will use Masnawi commentaries by A. Avni Konuk and Ankaravi, with couplets read in the original language. The couplets will be commented on with an insightful dimension through the concept of the week. Participants attending the class after reading the relevant passage from the Turkish translation will help increase the benefit.

In light of these principles, we can list the targeted gains in the following manner:

Heart therapy principles organized by the class instructor based off of Rumi’s thoughts

Facing our existential (separation, valuelessness, failure, dissatisfaction, death, meaninglessness, guilt,…) fears

The first step in “knowing oneself:” diagnosing and making sense of sorrows of the heart and of depressive feelings

The control and steering of devastating impulses and thoughts

Consciousness of the value of the self

The heuristic principles of each individual’s path to completion in their discovery of their existential completeness

The participants to benefit from the measurement tools provided by the class on calculating their emotional situation and the state of their hearts

Positive change in the quality and quantity of our joy in life and work

Ways of feeling energetic and alive

Our aesthetic side

The ontological and heuristic path for a creative imagination

The limits of our understanding of existence

The dimensions of the capability to love

Becoming a member of the family of existence: “the consciousness of unity”

Poems of values

Health of the heart

Cognitive and heuristic awareness on the fundamentals of life wisdom