Introduction to Sufism II - About




  • Duration of 15 weeks, 4 hours per week, an education program totaling 60 hours
  • Between the dates of September 23, 2016 to January 14, 2017
  • Both weekday and weekend classes
  • Weekday group: Friday 13.30 - 17.30 / Weekend group: Saturday: 09.00 - 13.00
  • 1 cultural trip
  • Program price: 2200 TL (Including tax)
  • For the registration announcement please click here


Sufi Terminology Muhammed Bedirhan, Dr.

16 hours

In this class, eight main concepts of Sufism will be considered—these are alertness, asceticism, sema (whirling), time, rapture (wajd), manifestation, union (wuslat), and obeyance (ubudiyya). Course content will be from Seyyid Mustafa Rasim Efendi’s Tasawwuf Dictionary (Tasavvuf Sozlugu—TS) (Istılâhât-ı İnsân-ı Kâmil) (İstanbul: İnsan Yayınları 2008) as well as the relevant articles written by the instructor for Diyanet’s Islam Encyclopedia.

Sufi Classics Arzu Eylul Yalcinkaya, Ogr. Yard.

16 hours

In this class, Sufi literature’s most influential and forceful works will be considered through sample materials and the lives of their writers. Each work will be examined by placing it within a historical context and in relation with the periods that came before and after it. In this way, a history of Sufism will be accomplished through its literature.

Important Figures of the Sufi Tradition Osman Nuri Kucuk, Prof. Dr.

14 hours

In this class, 16 Sufis who are important representatives of Sufi tradition will be examined. The lives and works of the considered personas will be elaborated while also referring to the development stages of Sufi thought.

Turkish Sufi Literature I Emine Yeniterzi, Prof. Dr.

8 hours

The four basic works of religious-Sufi Turkish poetry from the 14th and 15th centuries (Mantıku’t-Tayr, Garîb-nâme, Mevlid, Muhammediyye), the poets who wrote them, their organization and content, their contribution to the world of Turkish culture and belief, will be examined within the framework of the determinations and analyses of the fundamental teachings in these works through sample texts.

Seminars Nevzat Tarhan, Prof. Dr., İsmail Taşpınar, Prof. Dr.,Sinan Canan, Prof. Dr., Cemalnur Sargut, Ahmet Murat Özel, Yard. Doç. Dr.

6 hours

In the context of classes where Sufism and other disciplines will be considered altogether, participants will have the opportunity to discover Sufism’s ever-present relations with all areas of life. The seminars for this course will be given by guest experts over three weeks, on the topics of psychological, behavioral sciences, and art.

Cultural Trip Kerim Exclusive, Kerim Foundation

This trip will be held on a Saturday for the weekday groups, and on Sunday for the weekend groups.