International Summer School

The 3rd International Intensive Summer School of Sufi Studies

02-08 August 2021

Application deadline: 29 July 2021

About the program

The 3rd International Intensive Summer School of Sufi Studies will be hosted online due to the current pandemic conditions by the Üsküdar University Institute for Sufi Studies between 02-08 August 2021, with the support of the Kerim Foundation.

The MA-level TSV572 Lectures in Sufi Studies (3 credits-6 AKTS) and PhD-level TSV636 Lectures in Sufi Studies (3 credits-8 AKTS) will be offered within the context of the Online Summer School. Summer School Certificates will be issued to those who complete the program.

  • Lectures will be online via zoom webinar.
  • The program is in English and Turkish. Simultaneous interpretation will be available in both languages.
  • All lectures will be recorded during the summer School Program. Participants will have full access to the system and to reach lectures’ recordings till the end of September 2021.
  • Public webinar at the end of the program.

Click here schedule of the Summer School


F. Cangüzel Güner Zülfikar

Assistant Professor of Ottoman History
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University

 Seminars in Sufi Studies

Carl W. Ernst
Problems in the historical definition of Sufism

Professor of Religious Studies
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Mahmud Erol Kılıç
Ibn Arabi’s Ottoman Followers

Professor of Sufi Studies
Director General of IRCICA

Emine Yeniterzi
Āshiq Pasha’s Garīb-nāma 1
Āshiq Pasha’s Garīb-nāma 2

Professor of Classical Turkish Literature
Institute for Sufi Studies,Üsküdar University

Reşat Öngören
Sufi Thought in the Saljukid Anatolia
Sufi Thought in the Ottoman Anatolia

Professor of Sufi Studies
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University


Rick Colby
Early Mystical Teachings on the Spiritual Meaning of Muhammad's Ascension from Foundational Arabic Sources

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies
Middle East and North African Studies, Medieval Studies, University of Oregon

Mamarame Seck
The Forms and Functions of Oral Narratives in Sufi Islam in Senegal

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar

Tehseen Thaver
Sufism and the Qur’an

Assistant Professor of Religion/Islam
Princeton University, Department of Religion 

 Yasmin Saikia
Peace is an Islamic Value: Hazrat Nizamuddin, Sayyid Ahmed Khan, and Maulana Wahiduddin’s Perspectives. 

Professor of History and Hardt-Nickachos Chair in Peace Studies
Arizona State University

Yasushi Tonaga
Three-dimension Theory of Sufism 

Professor of Islamic Studies and the Director of the Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies
Kyoto University, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies

Ebrahim Moosa
Ghazali and Self-Knowledge

Professor of Islamic Studies
University of Notre Dame, Keough School of Global Affairs and Department of History

Cemalnur Sargut
Principles of Conduct: Adab

Advisor to the Üsküdar University Founding President
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University

Omid Safi
Heart of the Qur’an
Hazrat Harakani  

Professor of Islamic Studies
Duke University, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

F. Cangüzel Güner Zülfikar
Wrap-Up Session 

Assistant Professor of Ottoman History
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University

Dilek Güldütuna
The Contribution of Tasawwuf Education to Today’s Business World and Employees (with Ebru Arslan)
The concept of Goodly Life (hayatan tayyibah) in the Works of Ken'ân Rifâî (with Nazlı Kayahan)

Assistant Professor of Sufi Studies
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University

Omneya Ayad
Ibn al-Fāriḍ and His Spiritual Quest for Divine Love: “The Ode of the Tāʾiyya”
Niyāzī Miṣrī and the Concept of Poverty (faqr): Mawā’id al-irfān wa ‘awā’id al-iḥsān 

Assistant Professor of Sufi Studies
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University

Eylül Yalçınkaya
Call for Unity in Yunus Emre's Poetry

Lecturer of Islamic and Sufi Studies
Institute for Sufi Studies, Üsküdar University 

Who can apply? 

  •  Students registered in graduate studies programs in Turkey and/or abroad,
  • Researchers or instructors conducting post-doctoral studies in Turkey and/or abroad,

 Applications in accordance with the requirements above will be evaluated and responded to within three (3) days from application submission. 

  •  Participants in the Continuing Education Programs of Üsküdar University’s Institute for Sufi Studies as well as undergraduate students demonstrating academic merit are eligible to apply; admission is contingent on the availability of space in the program.

 Required Documents

  For Graduate Students,

1. Application form Click here 
2. Current CV,
3. Statement of purpose explaining why you wish to participate in the Summer School (max. 250 words),
4. One reference letter (preferably from a previous instructor of a related field)*,
5. Copy of Turkish National ID and/or first page of passport for applicants from abroad

*Not necessary for non-graduate students.

 Application for the Summer School

 The documents above are required to submit via the address of (the application form, CV, reference letter and copy of the ID electronically).

 Tuition Fee and Registration Completion 

Applicants should submit their application form along with the required documents to the Institute for Sufi Studies. Those who have been admitted to the program must deposit the tuition fee no later than July 29 and send the receipt to the Institute. 

  • Those accepted to the program from Turkey

 The program fee for Üsküdar University students and alumni is 2900 TL (including tax).

 The program fee for others is 3700 TL (including tax). 

  • Those accepted to the program from abroad

 Program fee: 600 USD or 540 EUR 

Discounted price for students who attended the I. and II. International Summer School of Sufi Studies is 500 USD or 450 EUR. 

The information necessary for those applying from abroad can be found at this link. 

EFT or Transfer: The program cost can be paid in full in a single EFT or transfer to the account detailed below.

For participants who have been unable to complete their payments, please send your payment information to



USD ACCOUNT NO: TR29 0006 7010 0000 0094 9303 72

EURO ACCOUNT NO: TR85 0006 7010 0000 0094 9619 56


Applicants from abroad who have been accepted to the program must deposit the tuition fee no later than 29 July 2021 in order to complete their registration. 


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