Research and Development

The research strategy and goals of our Institute are in line with the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan of our University.

Research Strategies of our Institute are as follows:

•To increase R&D resources and their efficiency,

•To reinforce the culture of science, research, creativity and innovation,

•To support the process of academic work and research within the Institute, in which the faculty members and students take part with a high motivation,

•To contribute to humanity and science by producing new knowledge through researches conducted in line with national priorities,

•To produce scientific knowledge, to circulate it and to make it available to society,

•To inform faculty members and students for providing effective use of project supports,

•To ensure and encourage our faculty members and students to take part in international collaborations and studies.

In order to improve the competencies of faculty members at our university, the Scientific Incentive Instruction is in operation.

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