Administrative System

Our Institute has been configured in accordance with the Directive of Academic Organizations in Universities, which regulates the relations of sub-entities with main entities, of the Higher Education Law 2547 in terms of its structuring, operations, duties, authorities, and responsibilities. As such;

ARTICLE 11. Institutes established in universities and faculties are units that engage in graduate studies with multiple similar and related research and application disciplines and are established by law. Institutes are comprised of departments. Graduate studies at universities and faculties are regulated by way of the institutes that are established for this purpose. In universities wherein no institutes have been established to direct their graduate studies, their graduate programs are formulated in accordance with the principles in the directives prepared by their senates.

As per the legal provisions of the Ministry of Health and Public Welfare, advanced trainings are carried out by medical schools.

a) The Institute components are: the institute director, the institute committee, and the institute board of directors.

b) The Institute director is appointed by the rector on the recommendation of the relevant faculty dean for a period of three years. For institutes directly connected to the rectorate, these appointments are done directly by the rector. A director whose time has ended may be reappointed. The rector and dean engage in the requisite consultations with faculty for recommendations and appointments. The director may appoint at most two assistants for a period of three years chosen from among the salaried staff working at the institute. The director may change their assistants. The ending of the director’s tenure signifies the ending of the assistants’ tenure as well. The procedure that will be applied for when there is a need for a proxy to the director or if the directorate is empty is the same as what happens for deans. The institute director carries out the duties assigned to deans in accordance with Law 2547 for the institutes.

c) The institute committee is led by the institute director and is comprised of the director’s assistants and the Department heads in the institute.

d) The institute board of directors is led by the institute director and is comprised of the director’s assistants and three faculty that will be chosen by the institute committee from among six candidates presented by the director for a period of three years.

e) The institute committee and institute board of directors carry out the duties assigned by Law 2547 to the faculty and faculty board of directors.

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