Quality Assurance System

Our Quality Policy

Within the frame of its foundational vision and mission, our Institute’s quality policy is based on interdisciplinary methods that use Sufism’s holistic and in-depth perceptions with the purpose of fostering a scientific and artistic environment that serves humanity in reaching peace and happiness. The Institute’s graduate studies, continuing education programs, and supporting activities are all geared toward cultivating individuals that want to better understand learning, themselves and the world; who have absorbed humanitarian and ethical values; a thinking, searching, creative individual that is responsive to art; someone who understands the worth of time; someone who is hardworking and magnanimous. Works that are done are supported by artistic performances, exhibitions and other activities organized in the areas of classical Islamic arts and music. The knowledge that is produced in the Institute is spread throughout the public. The Institute also encourages the study of Sufi texts written in the Ottoman cultural geography, and works to spread the recognition both of these works and of Turkish as a language of the field.

Our Values

Respectful of all human values,

Faithful to universal law, national laws, and universal and scientific values,

Open to change and innovation,

Environmentally conscious,

Focused on ensuring the best standard of education for students,

A pioneering approach for added value and participation in regional development, with an exemplary universal point of view,

Without any discrimination with regards to religion, language, race, nationality, gender, color, or thought,

Adopting democratic values such as being open to criticism, freedom, pluralism, and participation,

Protecting the fundamental values of society, keeping the benefit of society at the forefront and sensitive to societal problems,

Supporting scientific thought and critical thinking, prioritizing ethical values, and giving importance to equality, trustworthiness, and rationalism,

Following methods that attempt for perfection when seeking, gathering, relating, protecting information and when producing, sharing, and spreading research,

Keeping transparency and accountability at the forefront when engaged in activities and events,

Giving importance to international relations and collaborations,

Attempting to increase the job satisfaction of its scientific and administrative cadre.

Our Institute continues its work in a manner compatible with the fundamental values of Uskudar University.

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