Sufi Culture and Literature Master's Degree - About

The Institute for Sufi Studies began the “Sufi Culture and Literature” non-thesis MA program in February of 2016, and began matriculating during the Spring semester of 2015-2016. The program allows for those interested from all branches to complete a graduate study on Sufism and related topics.

The content of the program has been structured in a way that presents a holistic approach through topics such as the doctrine of Sufism, history of Sufism, and Sufi literature, which are both related to each other and to other fundamental Islamic sciences, Islamic thought, and civilizational history, while also correlated to other disciplines from social studies. At the same time, the program aims to contribute to the creation of multi-disciplinary cultural studies sourced in Turkey based on the perspective of “Islamic thought and Sufism.” When looked at more closely, it is observed that any study that concerns itself with culture in this geography must also inevitably apply to the area of Sufism. Research on Sufism can also bring new perspective to those interested in sociology and human psychology today.

The program, whose scientific content consultancy is done by Uskudar University Advisor to the President Prof. Dr. Mahmud Erol Kilic, the research languages of Sufism, with Ottoman Turkish foremost among them, is taught in addition to Arabic. The Arabic education has been structured according to the classical Ottoman style in order to aid students’ understanding of classical texts better. Persian is among the elective courses.

The student, if so desired, can take a year long Arabic Preparatory Training course. The Arabic Prep Course is carried out by AROMER in accordance with the special protocol set up between the Institute and Istanbul 29 Mayis University International Arabic Center for Education Implementation and Research (AROMER).

Information about Master's Degree, Spring 2016-2017