Public Lecture: Radical Love: Madhab-e Eshq

Professor Omid Safi



Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, Üsküdar University


Radical Love: Madhab-e Eshq

“The Religion of Love (Madhab-e Eshq): Love as a Path from Humanity to Divine”

One of the most exciting developments in the Sufi tradition was the development of a distinct path called the Madhab-e Eshq. Prior to this development, Sufis conceived of love as being divided to human and Divine love. With this path, however, there was a new realization that goes back to Ahmad Ghazali and reaches a zenith in other Sufis like Abu Sa’id Abi ‘-Khayr, Kharaqani, ‘Attar, and Hazrat-e Mevlana Rumi. Here the notion was that there is One Love, an outpouring of the Divine onto this realm that brings the world into creation, sustains us here, and will lead us back to the Divine.