Sufism and History of Religions course begins on April 3, 2018

Sufism and History of Religions course begins on April 3, 2018

Duke University Emeritus Prof. Dr. Bruce Lawrence will give the TSV558 Sufism and History of Religions class in the 2018 Spring Semester at the Üsküdar University Institute for Sufi Studies as part of the Sufi Culture and Literature Master’s Degree curriculum. There will be simultaneous translation throughout all of the classes. The intensive course will be between April 3 and 16, 2018. Prof. Lawrence will also give three public lectures while he is here.

Graduate students of all universities will be able to take the course for credit

The TSV558 Sufism and History of Religions course can be taken as a 3 credit (6 ECTS) elective course by graduate students from all universities.

Students from other universities who wish to take this class must apply to the Institute for Sufi Studies with a student certificate and pay the 1235 TL course fee. Üsküdar University’s Student Affairs will give transcripts for students who successfully complete the course.

For students from other institutes at Üsküdar University who wish to take the class, submission of a petition will be sufficient; there is no fee requirement.

Internet access to classes through the Distance Learning Program

The TSV558 Sufism and History of Religions course is structured as part of the distance-learning program as well. In this way, all who are interested in the class can follow it, without requirement for being a student. Classes will be broadcast live and available for later view in video format through the virtual classroom system. The Institute will give the participants in the Distance Learning Program participation certificates as part of the Sufism Continuing Education Programs. Program fees are 300 TL for domestic applicants and 100 Euros for those from abroad. The special discount price of the registration fee for Üsküdar University students and alumni is 100 TL. Discounted registrations will be done through Üsküdar University's Financial Affairs Department.


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